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London Bubble is a community based theatre company based in South East London. We make theatre involving people of all ages aiming to build community, develop wellbeing and create dynamic and involving new theatre.  We run a series of different programmes including Speech Bubbles in primary schools across the country, projects for older people including the Rotherhithe Shed, intergenerational projects and our Young Theatre Makers project for young people ‘with time on their hands’. In 2016-17 the company produced over 1400 events (including workshops) involving 3950 people. 

We are now recruiting new Trustees to join our Board, chaired by Sir Simon Hughes. We are particularly keen to address the following

1.      A 360 degree view of fundraising – the company has mix of income streams including restricted grants, earned income, some unrestricted grants and a small but significant amount of donations. We need more insight into this area.
2.      Young people’s wellbeing, including arts, youth justice and employment – our Young Theatre Makers programme supports 24 young people each year and with them we reach out to schools and youth settings. We believe theatre making, and particularly Forum Theatre can help people address issues and positively impact on their wellbeing. We need help developing  this area of our work, creating new alliances and building evidence.
3.      How schools work today. While our Speech Bubbles project is set to work in over 60 primary schools across the country in the coming year, we lack an in-school perspective on our board.
4.      Digital engagement/marketing. We strive to communicate and make work through relationships – in fact all of our work could be described as relational. However our digital messaging is yet to be integrated into how we make work and tell our story. We need help in this perspective.
5.      Knowledge and/or experience of Arts for Health initiatives from a Health or Social Care perspective.  Much of our work is now connecting with people who are managing physical frailty and/or mental health issues. Increasingly we find ourselves working on the fringes of the Health and Care sector. This is an exciting social and artistic development that fits our values. However we lack knowledge of the context. 

However we should add that none of our Trustees are expected to confine themselves to one area. All are invited to engage with all aspects of Bubble’s work. We should also add we are rooted in South East London and seek a board that understands, values and reflect that area.

London Bubble is an incorporated charity, i.e. the company is a legal entity in its own right and the Trustees serve on its governing body. (Confusingly, they may be known as Trustees, Directors, Board Members, Governors or Committee Members, due to the differing requirements of the Charity Commissioners, Companies House and others).

The fundamental role of the board members is to support the executive management team in generating added value to the company’s long-term performance.  London Bubble looks for board members from different walks of life to bring new skills and a fresh perspective to its board. To be an active member requires understanding and commitment and a fair amount of time and effort.

The principal responsibilities of the Board is:  
•             To appoint the executive directors
•             To approve all policies and procedures
•             To contribute to and approve medium and long term plans for the company
•             To act as ambassadors and advocates of the company and its work
•             To provide leadership, support and encouragement
•             To ensure the fulfilment of the objectives of the company
•             To ensure the financial solvency of the company – approving budgets, monitoring financial

The time commitment  
•             There are a maximum of 5 evening board meetings per year. Each last approximately 2 hours and trustees are required to read and comment on any papers or documents sent out for discussion. 
•             A Board and staff away day is held once a year to discuss the company’s key aims and objectives.
•             Occasionally we set up working groups involving staff and trustees focussing on a specific project or question.
•             Trustees are encouraged to attend productions, sharings and appropriate training events.

What’s in it for you?
•             An opportunity to make a real difference to a company who do important work at a grass roots level 
•             A chance to work with a skilled group of trustees needing to increase their capacity by your involvement
•             An opportunity to learn from others in an enjoyable and creative environment

Under current legislation, members of the board cannot be paid and the appointment is voluntary.  However, out of pocket expenses will be reimbursed.  Members of the board are not permitted to take on any paid work for London Bubble. They must also declare an interest if any organisation they represent will benefit specifically from a decision taken by the board.

New members receive a briefing on their legal obligations under charity and company law, the content of the Memorandum and Articles of Association, the committee and decision making process, the business plan and recent performance of the charity.
The Board regularly conducts skills audits and matches these against the aspirations of the company.

Applications should be by CV and covering letter to:

Jonathan Petherbridge
Creative Director, London Bubble Theatre Company
5 Elephant Lane
London SE16 4JD

Closing date: 8 January 2018


Creative Volunteers can get involved with the company by participating in a project, or by providing the support that allows others to participate.
Click here to find out more.


London Bubble offers work experience and volunteering opportunities for people of all ages and stages in their career.

If you would like to apply, please bear in mind that:
- We prioritise applications from people previously or currently engaged with the company's work.
- We are only able to offer a maximum of 1 week work experience for under 18s.
- We are unable to offer work experience between 1st - 15th July 2018.

We receive a high number of requests for placements but if you would like to apply, please complete one of the application forms below and an equal opportunities form and email it to

Application form for over 16 years
Application form for under 16 years
Equal Opportunities monitoring form

Please note - placements for under 18s:
We are only able to offer a maximum of 1 week of work experience to under 18s.
We can only consider applications for placements less than 5 months in advance.

We prioritise young people living and studying within our local area and members of our youth theatre.  To find out more about our youth theatre please click HERE
We receive a LOT of applications, and we are a only small organisation. If you do not hear back from us within 4 weeks of applying, please assume we cannot offer a suitable opportunity. We try and respond back as soon as we can, but even with the best of intentions it is not possible at times.