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17:54 Monday 05 August 2013 by Adam
Blog sorry been having some problems with the blogspot! cut an paste the link to a blog of childrens stories and the script for Breathing space.
17:03 Monday 29 July 2013 by Adam
James (who took the photo's on the day) had this to say about the childrens performances ... what really impressed me was that they were all in character, in the moment, and were reacting with each other freely, they believed in their creation and took us along with it.
14:56 Monday 29 July 2013 by Adam
Script and childrens stories
Read the script and some of the children's stories that inspired it:
13:46 Friday 12 July 2013 by Tia
It's the end :(
Thank you to everyone who came down to the Green to watch the performances yesterday! It was an absolute pleasure to work with the Yr 4's they have had such a high level of energy and enthusiasm throughout the project and it really showed during their performances yesterday.

I didn't get to watch the whole show myself as I was busy with costume! But, I am really proud of the bits I managed to see and the praise and feedback the audience has given us has been fantastic! I hope it was a valuable experience for everyone involved.

If you didn't manage to come down and watch any of the performances, images from the show will be up on the Bubble website in a week or so, please check back and take a good look at what you missed out on!
23:05 Thursday 11 July 2013 by Iris
today's play
Loved the production today. The children were so relaxed and were enjoying themselves. It was clear that it was very much their own show. They had clearly learned a lot through the dramatic process and by being out of the classroom. Congratulations to all those involved.
18:33 Wednesday 10 July 2013 by Adam
Final rehearsals 10th July
Good day out in the sun today, with the children trying on their costumes for the first time, and feeling the excitement of that transformation. We have work to do to make sure the performance is as engaging as it possibly can be for our audiences tomorrow, but we also have to make sure that we can find the joy that we have so often had in rehearsals and share that with our friends, family and other guests. Ps if you are in the show and reading this check out the other theatre making opportunities at Bubble that you could join in with, especially our summer school week.
13:29 Friday 05 July 2013 by Tia
A week to go!
With our performances on the 11th July yesterday's session was our last session to devise and add things to our play; Breathing Space.

In the morning we devised our final scene and learnt a song Wilf, our composer has specifically written for the piece. The session was only an hour and 15 minutes long and the class managed to pick up changes and learn the lyrics to a song quicker than some professionals would!

In the afternoon we done our first ever run through of the play from start to finish. Peth, the director of London Bubble joined us to watch the piece. This gave the class some practice performing to an audience. The feedback we received from Peth was really useful, we've used it to make our performances ever better!

Next week is show time, I'm looking forward to seeing the set and all the wonderful costume!

If you would like to see the show please remember to book online:
11:50 Monday 01 July 2013 by Adam
Arts and crafts
I visited the arts and crafts workshop on Saturday at Forest Hill Library - firstly a big thank you to the Lewisham library service for letting us do painting and gluing in the children's library. Lots of the year 4's from Holy Trinity turned up to make googly eyes, cakes, and flowers for our set dressing. We were also joined by Mrs Sinclair (giving up her saturday afternoon) and lots of other local children. If you were at the workshop pleased do come and see the show on the 11th July to see your contribution as part of the set.
16:15 Friday 28 June 2013 by Tia
Almost there!
With our performance day drawing closer (11th July), the Year 4’s spent some time experimenting with sound for our show with our composer Wilf. The class came up with two distinctive soundscapes for the Wolves and the Ants using their bodies, instruments and voice which created a really surreal atmosphere.

We also staged two new scenes yesterday, both in different areas of the Green. We worked on character and voice projection throughout the day to up the ante of our piece. The year 4’s got louder and louder as the rehearsals went on! To end the day, we ran through everything we had in true promenade style, travelling from space to space without directions from Adam.

With only a third of the play left to stage we are looking forward to our Arts & Crafts Workshop taking place at Forest Hill Library tomorrow afternoon 2pm-4pm. In the library we will be making props with our designer Fraz, and asking for your ideas and feedback on the illustrations we have for how we envision our set.
We hope to see you all there!
09:59 Saturday 22 June 2013 by Adam
Arts and crafts
And on the 29th June at 2pm at forest hill library we have an arts and crafts workshop where anybody can come along and help make props and parts of the set led by our designer Fraz and project assistant Tytiah.

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