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About Speech Bubbles

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Supporting children to develop communication, confidence and wellbeing

Increasing numbers of children are starting school life with communication problems. The evidence gathered by the Communication Trust suggests that as many as 50% of children in areas of disadvantage have speech and language skills that are significantly less developed than those of other children of the same age.

In Speech Bubbles sessions drama practitioners and school staff create a safe and playful space for children in KS1 to develop their communication skills. A story drama approach places the child at the centre of the activity, and they become at different times, author, performer and audience. Our Theory of Change illustrates the outcomes Speech Bubbles leads to. 

Speech Bubbles was developed in partnership with the Southwark Pupil Development Centres in 2009 and is now available to primary schools across Southwark, Lewisham, Lambeth and Greenwich with London Bubble and in Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Enfield, Oldham, Rochdale and Manchester with our partner organisations.

A recent evaluation revealed that 87% of children participating in Speech Bubbles showed an improvement in learning, speaking and listening and 88% showed behavioural improvements.

In 2016/17 Speech Bubbles sessions will be happening in the following Southwark Schools: Beormund, St Georges Cathedral, Grange, Haymerle, Alfred Salter, St John’s (Walworth), Oliver Goldsmith and Charlotte Sharman. 

We are continuing to develop the drama for communication work that began in partnership with Lewisham Arts Education Network with the
Speak Out project in 2006.  This year we are working in Brent Knoll, Dalmain, Invicta Deptford and New Woodlands schools.  

We are pleased to be starting our first year of Speech Bubbles at Invicta School Blackheath.

If you are interested in this programme of work please contact or call Adam on 020 7237 4434.

We are grateful to for supporting Speech Bubbles

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Beautifully presented-doing something new. Worked at all levels.
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