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Bubble Board of Trustees

As you can see being a Bubble Trustee is a thankless task!

10 -14 November is Trustee Week. We would like to use it as an excuse to say a big ‘thank you’ to the Bubble trustees. Every day during the week we will post a short ‘ta’ to a couple of our trustee team and explaining to the world the wonderful (and weird) things they do for us - all for free gratis and nish – for trustees are of course volunteers.

So thank you...

Pat Abraham – thank you Pat for your forensic scrutiny of documents always considering the strategic position of the company from the perspective of someone who knows the sector. Would we have survived without you? I’m not sure. Thanks.

Jonathan Barnes – thank you Jonathan for the great work you have been doing evidencing the Speech Bubbles project and helping us to persuade others to take it on as a Social Franchise. It is really appreciated. Ta.

Jocelyn Cunningham – thank you Jocelyn for continuing to connect us to other dynamic organisations and artists within the sector – perhaps our collaboration with Tom at People United will soon bear fruit. Thank heavens someone has got their head up. Ta.

Mark Dunford – thank you Mark for pointing us towards various funding streams and potential freelancers and for keeping us diligent. Maybe one day we will have the time to make that Erasmus application. Thanks.

Charlie Folorunsho – thank you Charlie for keeping artists on the board agenda, and for organising our Big Give fundraising cabaret. Your understanding of the company from the perspective of someone who has done those summer shows is key. And your knowledge of Bubble within the context of other theatre companies is hugely valuable. Ta.

Pamela Hutchinson – thank you new girl Pamela for joining the board this year, we know you have a busy schedule with a lot of travelling and appreciate the efforts you have already made to respond thoughtfully to papers and ideas. We need and value that feedback! Ta.

Simon Hughes MP – thank you Simon for chairing board meetings with thought and good humour – even after a long day of governmental pressure and party business. Your personal support (at the most needed moments) and local and legal knowledge is hugely helpful. But the one thing we cannot not mention is your hidden skill as group photo wrangler! Some of the best Bubble photo ops are thanks to you. Ta.

Matthew de Lange – thank you Matthew for asking the questions that need to be asked. As chair of finance it isn’t always much fun, but your understanding of what makes a healthy and viable organisation and your enthusiasm for the Young Theatre Makers project is continually energising. Thanks. 

Francisco (Kito) Mojica – thank you Kito, for helping with the mock interviews of young people at the YOS, for attending so many events, for bringing us the doughnuts and most recently for coming up with the fund raising quiz night idea. You really help us with the work of the company. Thank you.

David Slater – thank you David, for bringing your years of experience working in participatory arts to question and challenge easy assumptions which helps us think-through the work and then speak with confidence. Let’s hope we can deliver our shared vision of offering arts participation to all older people living in our area. Ta.

May Steele – thank you May, you’ve only joined recently but you are already helping us to bring rigour to our employment procedures while at the same time spreading an infectious enthusiasm for the work you have seen. It means a lot to the staff and helps other board members. Ta.

Simon Thomson – thank you young Simon, quiz master, trustee hunter, speaker of truth and linker of Bubble to some in the corporate world. You see the strengths that others bring to the board table and use gentle humour to see that they are harnessed. Thank you.

Sue Timothy – thank you Sue, our go-to trustee for meetings with funders, brilliant at asking the killer question at the right time, while quietly supporting staff members as they go about their work. Your understanding of the vagaries of funders and while holding on to the values of the work are really appreciated. Ta.