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From Docks to Desktops performances

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London Bubble’s Community Company present:

“Tell us a bit about your work.”
We asked over 40 people this simple question. 
Now come and see the show which tells the story of their working lives and their communities.

“I got a three day suspension for eating a custard cream”. 
These are the stories of Dockers and Stevedores, biscuit packers and secretaries, film makers, café owners and shop managers.  Join us to experience the journey of Surrey Commercial Docks and its evolution over the last 50 years.

“boy you’ve come into the dock, if you find a good governor, kill ‘im before he becomes a bad one”
Created entirely from the words of the people whose stories we collected, ‘From Docks to Desktops’ brings together storytelling, physical theatre and a cast of Londoners aged 9-80 to explore the rich tapestry of work in Rotherhithe, Bermondsey and Deptford.

Performances of From Docks to Desktops took place from 15th - 30th November 2013 on the site of Peek Freans, now know as The Biscuit Factory.

The current run of performances has now ended but you can find out more about the show and the project using these links:

- Find out more about how 'From Docks to Desktops' has developed, and read the stories we have gathered HERE
- Watch the trailer for the show HERE
- If you came to see the show, complete our short audience survey HERE
- See images from the show by clicking on the green IMAGE banner below

Copies of the script are available to buy.  Please contact Claire on 020 7237 4434 or email to order your copy.

From Docks to Desktops is supported using public funding by Arts Council England and by the Heritage Lottery Fund.
Photography by Steve Hickey