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We are awaiting news on funding for the next stage of Grandchildren of Hiroshima in Japan. While we have gathered the testimony and identified the artists plus many of the community performers, we are still raising funds for the costs of creating the production. Our ambition is that the performance in July / August 2015 is shared digitally with an audience including the group who are working on a parallel project in London, at a UK event marking the anniversary of this event of world significance.

We are seeking friends/ partners/ supporters to help us make the project happen. We are over half way to realising this ambitious piece of community commemoration. Bubble have demonstrated that theatre is a wonderful tool that enables powerful and emotional stories to be told with gentle care and creativity. If you can help us make the next stage of the project a reality please get in touch: | 020 7237 4434

The UK project

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded a grant for Bubble to develop a parallel project in the UK in 2015, exploring Londoner’s response to the bombing of Hiroshima including the foundation of CND and growth of the Peace Movement. 

If you're interested in getting involved by helping us gather research, collect stories, or by joining the community company later this year please get in touch.
020 7237 4434 |

If you would like to find out more about our previous London Bubble intergenerational projects including From Docks to Desktops and Grandchildren of the Blitz please CLICK HERE

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