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Life support


You’re born. You learn to walk and talk. Your parents are there for support.
You go to school. You learn to read and write. Your teachers are there for support. 
You grow up. You laugh, you cry. Your friends are there for support. 
You turn 18 and go to university, leave home and become an independent adult.
But what if you don’t? And you feel confused? And the support that was there before feels far away?

Bubble Young Theatre Makers cohort 14 piece explored what it feels like when things don’t go to plan and you don’t get the support you need.

The show toured Southwark schools and youth organisations in July. 

Free, open to public performances took place on 6 July at London Bubble Theatre and on 18th July at T&T2, Surrey Quays Shopping Centre. Please note the show is suitable for 15+.