London Bubble
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Tea Break Theatre


Every Wednesday*
4.30 - 6.30pm

Free and fun

"You can come and meet people, learn about acting, improve your confidence and make friends"
Tea, cake and a chat, followed by a gentle workshop to make friends, tell stories and share laughter.

At Bubble we believe that taking part in creative activities and connecting with others can have a significant positive impact on well being.  This group has those principles at its heart and offers an opportunity for people to come together to make theatre in a gentle and social way (although it promised to be just as alive and exciting as our other groups).Open to everyone aged 18 and over.

To find out more about the group please get in touch.
Call Lucy on 020 7237 4434 or email

*please note we have occasional breaks for half term and at public holidays.  
We take a break during August, resuming on 6th September.

London Bubble gratefully acknowledges support from the Big Lottery fund.
Photography by Jonathan Vines & Rivka Cocker.

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