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  1. Ian

    Just to echo M’s comments, thanks to all Bubble team for making this possible. Initially felt slightly disconnected from the process but the project came together so powerfully and was realised in such detail that the issues raised percolated even though initially the theme had made me wary of the project. Think that the public health topic, especially Peckham experiment theme would be brilliantly pertinent at the current time, NHS etc. If we are looking to do some text work next, it would be good if the text could be quite challenging, something to really get us thinking in depth. Shakespeare? I am fairly ignorant with regard to classic and modern texts so would appreciate a text that took us into new and unfamiliar areas.

  2. Muhammad

    Thanks for a memorable experience. I had enormous fun participating in the project. Learned a lot about the Blitz & the World War. The cast was fun to work with. Over the months we climbed a mountain and got to the top. It’s an exhilarating feeling. Look forward to the next run. A huge Thank You to Peth & London Bubble.

  3. Vicky

    Just found out from my nan and grandad after tonights performance; my nan when she saw it and got all emotional.
    That the ‘Bond’ family mentioned in the play are relatives of ours. I new it was the same name but I didn’t even think they could have been related.
    Brings it all closer to home somehow :S

  4. Pam Schweitzer

    Thank you for yesterday’s super show. I thought it was a very successful piece of community reminiscence theatre. The large cast worked really well together and young and older managed to create a sense of neighbourhood on stage.

    The space was rather special (I am not sure what it is normally used for, if anything, or what it used to be) and perfectly reflected to feeling of being in temporary spaces and coping with displacement during the bombing.

    The idea of the street and what happened to actual families worked really well, and how that was reflected in the comings and goings of the performers.

    I particularly liked the integration through photo portraits and, especially, through sound recording of the elders’ memories.

    All the players should be congratulated on how they took the stage and managed to project to the audience in that quite demanding acoustic.
    Memorable moments were the arrival of the cast with all their home paraphenalia on stage, the sugar cube bombardment, the strange dress-like constructions overhead raining dust and rubble, the groupings of the cast on stage and, of course, hearing the gravelly voices of real life experience over the speakers.

    All good wishes and congratulations to all involved

  5. Justyna

    Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to see the great performance by London Bubble.

    We enjoyed the show very much and found it both moving and history of this area fascinating.

    We wish you a good luck with the rest of the performances.

  6. Gary Magold

    Firstly can I say what a” wonderful show” , it gave me goose bumps in places! The interweaving of the characters on stage with the audio really brings the story alive. It’s the syntax of the elderly voices takes me back to how I remember the older generation in my family and neighbours talking, the expressions, the phrases, it’s all there.

    I did ask Brenda (who I’ve known for many years) what was it like to see herself portrayed as a child? It must be quite surreal? I saw Mary and Len Hatch there and again this evening, and mentioned how clever the section between him on film and the young lad talking was…really clever.

    All in all, I hope you’re all very proud of that body of work. I know talking to my friends (who I invited along) and my mum afterwards, it was good to hear stories of their parents and my mum telling stories, it must have sparked something.

    I must also mention the reading the names of those who had died on that first night. I know of the Bond family and that Mr. Bond lost all of his family at Keetons Road.

    Thank you, thank the cast and thank everyone involved

  7. Katherine Orr

    I just wanted to say how much I loved the production last night. It was really quite beautiful, moving, inspiring – everything I imagined it could be when I first saw the idea on paper and wished I was a local and not from North London! I thought the setting was ideal, and haunting – and the movement of the large, intergenerational cast on stage reminded me at times of Pina Bausch’s work, the sense of flow balanced with moments of careful timing. I loved too the way you integrated the voices and images of the interviewees.

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