About Speech Language and Communication Needs

Speech, language and communication skills are important for socialising, working, learning, for well-being and good mental health.

‘Speech, language and communication needs’ or SLCN is a broad term often used in education or speech and language therapy to refer to anyone who is having difficulty with these skills. SLCN can have minor or major effects on individuals and impact on wider society in a variety of different ways.

For anyone interested in learning more about SLCN we have collected some useful background reading:

  • Bercow 10 Years On is a report on the state of provision for children’s SLCN in England.
  • Talking About a Generation is a concise report written in 2017 by the Communication Trust
  • The Early Intervention Foundation reported on child language and wellbeing in 2017 here
  • The Communication Trust have a free online course on identifying SLCN here
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