Summer Show 2019

“We’re in a bit of a mess” Bubble’s dramaturge Mr Startin tells me – we’re discussing the coming summer show. He goes on…

“We live in difficult times. A sense of unease permeates our daily lives. The grand narratives of the past that offered consolation don’t seem to cut the mustard anymore”. And he goes on… “tyrants”.. “technology”, “crises in faith”, “breakdown in community”, “stuck”.

By the end of the conversation it is clear that theatre is needed… we need to gather…we need to listen, we need to tell stories. For millennia people have huddled together around a campfire in the dark of the forest, to tell tales that share wisdom and humanity to ward off the demons in the shadows. This seems like no less a deserving time to do so. So that’s what London Bubble is leading this summer, sharings of tales that might help us navigate this ‘bit of a mess’.

But what stories to tell? Well, this is our ask of YOU.

What stories do you think we should tell? Are they folk tales or true life? Are they from Nigeria or Norway? Bahia or Birmingham? Are they sagas of inspiration or fables of foolishness? Are they populated by angry tyrants, clever princesses or a boy with a bag of beans? Remember there are many reasons to tell a story. It may be to hold up a mirror to the mess around us. It may be to teach us the value of something or someone. It could even point the way to new possibilities.

We want to hear your suggestions. We will consider each one carefully, whittle them down to a shortlist of a few to present in an evening of scratch performances. There will be a vote and the winners will go forward to full production in various locations around London this summer.

If you have an idea – a yarn or a character, something you think we should read or something you want to write even. Please let us know.
Email your suggestions to by noon April 13th 2019.

Who knows where we’ll be by then, but a gathering to tell stories will certainly do no harm.