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What a lovely day eh?

Just a quick one to say that it will be a full company call for Wednesday 30th and Thursday 31st. Also, Underneath the Arches and Crusing Down the River have now been uploaded to the site and are available to listen to here

Have a lovely weekend!

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  1. Ian

    Costumes looked good and are probably the most detailed,elaborate I’ve seen in a Bubble Show Should help to create a real atmosphere at Dilston Grove

  2. Ian

    Today’s 4 hour rehearsal covered a lot of ground and I came out of it with a much better sense of what is going on. I’ m still putting some of the stuff into sequence and have an acute awareness that I missed a lot at the front end of the production. What is challenging for me was sustaining focus, yet again and particularly when learning more physical routines and sequences. Peth’s ramping up the challenge by Increasing complexity and by expecting more of us, where he can which is good and I can see that we all have a role in doing that ourselves. I know I’ve got to learn the songs better and drill into the script especially the sequences we worked on today. I also know that the being blown up sequence is going to take more work. Visualising and just being in the right lace at the right time. I’m aware that I have drifted way off course some of the time and it is useful to be reminded of this. Have a great Easter!

  3. Ian

    Yesterday was an odd session. The news that two strong caste members had had to pull is always a disappointment. But better now than on the eve of performance. Overall the session saw some good stuff happening. Do I worry is not a simple melody and yet singing as a group it could be something special. Andrew made a good start on picking up where Mark had left it and the simplified fight scene could be very good. On a personal level I am at odds with this project. The history and the theme can’t fail to grip. The contrast between the present day and the wartime values/ qualties compared to today are thought provoking. The performance has the potential to be funny and moving and the acting when focused is good. However I am for some reason finding it really hard to engage fully. Finding volunteers to cover Amanda’s absence on the last performance proved difficult and yet many of us could have picked up the baton, confidence for many including myself is clearly still low. We probably need to take more risks.
    The children should know better when to relax and when not. A wartime clip round the ear never seemed more valid than last night.
    Oh we need to know those songs could do brief singing arm ups using them. I find the Internet useful but is not the same as singing and hearing everyone else.

  4. Muhammad

    The families dwell in their respective houses, exposed to the many eyes of an audience. They are in 1940 – linking up with an audience of 2011. To that modern audience they tell their stories – sometimes immersed in 1940-41, and sometimes throwing out facts to 2011. This interaction of the 40s and the year 2011 is made possible by a time warp. Thus a period piece mingles with modern day. Actually, the 40s picture is just a thing created by 2011 folk – but then, the TESCO they portray is also a made up thing. Thus, acting is a tool that can take a set of people on a journey that may include a Blitz universe and a 2011 universe, making up part of a multi-verse. . . . In the shelter, must learn to sit without fidgeting – almost in a tableau. The individual scenes need to flow smoothly, like a cruise down a river. We have to know the scenes really well to create segues on cue. . . Poor John Addis – shot to bits, I suspect!

  5. Muhammad

    Blackbirds – song birds at the Mayflower – the spring blossom. Souls from the English flower sing, and echo the pretty black wingers. All of it make a mellow tune.

  6. Ian

    mems Grooming:
    Toothbrush moustache became popular as a working class alternative to the flowing handlebar style wornby gentry. Famous examples include Chaplin and Hitler; whose uptake of it due to ease of gas mask cover in WW1 led to a steady declne in it’s adoption. Pencil moustaches were popular and even a few reduced Kitchener style moustaches may have lingered among the more patriotic. Young lefties would have modelled their facial hair on soviet models, Stalin was popular. Beards were not often seen.

  7. Muhammad

    Great start to the story last night. An elder & a minor observe each other, before the bustle of Tesco. Then we move in . . . I & my family + lodger have to get used to being in Number 7, not Number 8! Shouldn’t b toooo difficult! The small-width stage will colour our movements – must learn not to step on another person’s feet! Cher Hendry & I mull over how to tackle my hyperactive children. And then we all hear the the dogs of war baying, as the wireless brings its message. We become ready mentally for a gruel. We must have courage & resolution. Onwards!

  8. Ian

    I’m assuming the words we should follow for the songs are as on the audio, not the script as they differ.

  9. Ian

    Good to see first part of the show coming together especially when I’d not been here for it the previous time it was covered. Also very happy with my new lodgings at number 9. Uncle Andrew plays a mean game of checkers, even if Hasna & Ashya have labelled me the strange (creepy?) lodger. They seem pretty well to do. As usual work at the Bubble seems to swing between interesting challenge and bystanding the main event. Hard thing is maintaining good focus. Everyone seems to be considering the details of focus and the overall effect. I hope I can make it to all this month’s rehearsals as after so many months of inactivity I have some work. It should be possible just as long as the Census bods allow for some flexibility.
    The importance of tone and pace started to come across last night. Glad to see songs working again.

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