Sharing Sunday: Your Feedback

On Sunday 18th March, people aged 6 – adult from 5 different Bubble classes came together to share and celebrate their work this term.

Thank you to all our performers, group leaders and everyone who came to support them.
We’d love to know what you thought to the event.  Please use this blog to leave your comments.

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  1. Emilia

    I want to praise the “dragons” in the story of the 6-8 year olds group, in the previous Sunday’s sharing. They were really sweet and scary at the same time. Strange, because initially I thought the whole piece seemed a bit “guided” with the facilitator reading, but when the children got into dragon formation and it was just so “child-like” and lovely to see. Took me to that fantastic place where dragons really do exist.

    I also loved the music in “Pandora’s box”… Not sure what it was, but very appropriately underlined the grandeur of the classical myth. Delightful!

    The location was a feature in itself – did I hear somebody say the school was haunted?

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