Bubble celebrates 40 years

2012 marks 40 years of Bubble.

Bubble is one of thousands of small scale theatre companies which have worked in the UK during the last 40 years.
The company has evolved, shape-shifted, ducked, dived and survived. Unlike many the company has neither a venue to run nor a tradition of touring into buildings.
Starting from a nomadic and outsider tradition of tent touring the company has always “made” spaces and sought opportunities free from the need to fill and maintain a particular auditorium. Thus there has always been a strong impulse to make theatre with people. To welcome and to listen has had primacy over the singular vision of artists, which as often placed the company in an interesting tension with the mainstream.

Now 40 years old, the Bubble can look back on a huge cannon of small scale work knowing that while small is beautiful, it is also vulnerable and delicate, and often invisible to the unobservant.

To rectify this the Bubble are inviting others to share our experience, and to celebrate some of the practice that is common fare to many small companies – participation, working with schools, occupying spaces, work with young people. But to roll this together, to celebrate (for example) what 40 years of weekly youth theatre workshops have achieved. What 40 years of engaging with audiences in strange spaces might mean.
How 40 years of quiet low level work might have made a difference.

Over the year we will be hosting a series of events focussing on the work of small and medium scale companies over the last 40 years.  We hope you will be able to join us at some of these events. The next event as part of our 40th year celebrations is:

Is it Behind Us?
Sun 6th January, late afternoon / early evening

To let us know you would like to attend any of the events please get in touch 020 7237 4434 | lucy@londonbubble.org.uk

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