At London Bubble we build community through making theatre together.

Communities are made up of lots of individuals.

When they work together, they have the power to make a big difference.

At Bubble we see the difference that building a community can make and we value everyone’s contribution.

Lots of people contributing what they can, adds up to a lot.  It gives us the stability to keep going.  To respond when we see opportunities to make a difference.  To realise our ambitions for the future.

Please choose how you’d like to support from the options below.

If you aren’t currently in the position to donate yourself, raise donations for us every time you shop instead using Easy Fundraising by registering and then nominating London Bubble as your chosen charity.

However you decide to help, we appreciate you!

Together, people make theatre.  

Together we will continue to make theatre from the stories that matter to our members.

How you can help