These workshops will run weekly at Bubble HQ from 6.30-8.30pm every Thursday. In these workshops, led by Jonathan and Marigold, we will explore and develop the stories that have been gathered in the interviews. Out of these workshops will come a play script capturing the essence of the testimonies and the experiences of children in wartime London, to be performed in Spring 2011.

Bubble make theatre with people of all gages and abilities. We strive to create a friendly and playful environment in which we can all play and learn together. Our groups are friendly, fun and creative and are led by a team of highly experienced theatre makers. Throughout the Autumn and Spring, you will be given opportunities to develop your performance skills through a range of voice, movement, improvisation exercises as well as having fun acting out stories and characters.


London Bubble will be launching a series of  Make Do and Mend  workshops. Reusing, reshaping and reinventing  material and food is what helped London survive the Blitz and the rationing that continued into the 1950’s. Now, the war may have ended, but austerity is back. Like our parents, grandparents or great-grandparents, its time to make do and mend!

In five themed workshops, we will be drawing upon the knowledge and practical skills of the elders, complemented by the knowledge of a specialist.  In a warm and friendly environment, the generations will share in the skills being passed down and passed around.  The five workshops are:

  • Cardboard Cakes, Paper Chains and games: Practical sessions making crackers, Christmas lanterns and other festive decorations out of found and recycled paper, home-made glue and who knows what. For everyone. Led by paper artist Jane Mortion with expert advice from elders. Decorate the Bubble. (Thursday 9th December – 4.30-6.30pm,  followed by  a  small party – come along!)
  • ·Rag Rolls and Curling Tongs Hair and make up of the ’40’s: Look like Clarke Gable or Vivienne Lee, what did people aspire to and what was possible in wartime Britain. What did people use for make up and hair products? Practical session led by period hair and make up specialist.(Saturday 22nd January – 10pm-1pm)
  • Bread, Dripping and Rabbit Stew:  A version of Ready Steady Cook – using War time rations – practical recipes.  A meal – tasting session pre pared by anyone – send out recipe’s in advance and people bring things in for a war time feast.(Thursday 10th February – 6.30-8.30pm)
  • Hats, Gloves and Shiny Shoes:  Never go out without a hat and gloves. How did people wear their hats, decorate them, update them and maintain them? Practical session led by period milliner, plus shoe polishing for the uninitiated (Saturday 26th March, 10am-1pm)
  • Sides to Middle: Practical workshop in knitting, darning and patching. How to turn old clothes into something bang on trend (as they say) for 1940’s, with a bit of ric-rac and off cuts from the black-out curtain. Clothing coupons issued. (Thursday 14th April – 6.30-8.30pm)
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