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Southwark Stories Premiere Screening

Event Date:

15th March 2022

Event Time:

10:30 am

Event Location:


Southwark is bursting with families, people and stories. You only have to walk down the street to see romance, adventure, love and grief played out before your very eyes. Secrets simmer beneath the surface, past experiences linger in the shadows and hope floats along like traffic.

Southwark Stories is a spin off of South London Stories – a creative project by London Bubble Theatre where 7 young people partnered with 7 contemporary professional writers to co-create a character and develop a monologue. The project takes inspiration from our community and our experiences of social care, creating extraordinary art from the ordinary settings so familiar to us.

This new iteration sees Bubble Theatre bringing professional writers together with social workers, foster carers, care leavers and social workers to develop original monologues and turn them into films. Join us for this special premiere screening of all six shorts and post viewing Q&A panel discussion.




Written by Natalie Mitchell

Developed with and performed by Sharon Trainor


My Garden

Developed with Pauline Huie

Written by Evan Placey

Performed by Ann Ogbomo


Black Borderline but…

Developed with Rukiya Davenport

Written by Nicole Latchana

Performed by Lauren Anika


It Is What It Is

Developed with Tyler Barnett

Written by Sid Sagar

Performed by Deshaye Gayle


Where There Is Hope There Is Love

Written by Jevwe Ugbowanko

Mentored by Siana Bangura

Performed by Arianne Carless


Dear Social Worker

Written by Aisha Wallace

Mentored by Siana Bangura

Performed by Aisha Wallace and Florence Williams

Filmed and edited by Katy Annand Directed by Marie Vickers


This event is private by invitation only. Please email if you have any questions. To view the original South London Stories films click here.

Event Schedule Details

  • 15th March 2022 10:30 am   -   12:30 pm
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