Can’t Pay Won’t Pay (1986)
by Dario Fo adapted by Rob Walker

Based on an actual incident which took place in Tuscany in 1974, Can’t Pay Won’t Pay is the story of two women who take part in a supermarket raid in protest against ever rising prices.  They get home with half a ton of half-inched food, there’s no room to hide it, the police are searching for it, and their straight-laced husbands are due back from work and…oh no, a knock at the door!  And the rest is hysteria.

John Ben Onwukwe
Sylvia Cleo Sylvestre
Rita Sandra James-Young
Tony Dean Williamson
Policemen Mike Sherman

Directed by Rob Swain
Designed by Judy Farrar
Lighting by Anthony Matheson
Stage Managers Ben Rosen & Rosie Wakley