In London, between the 7th September 1940 and the 10th May 1941, 21,000 people were killed and one million houses were destroyed or damaged by bombing.

The docklands and the surrounding areas, where London Bubble is based, were a key target for this bombing. Many of the houses, buildings and some entire streets were completely destroyed. The entire landscape of the area changed, as did the lives of the people.The area has now been completely redeveloped, the damage to the landscape is hidden, but what  about those people who lived through it?

Grandchildren of the Blitz is setting out to explore the local history of Bermondsey, Rotherhithe and Deptford, to uncover the experiences and stories of those who lived through the Blitz and to make a community performance about what we find out. A team of young interviewers are talking to the people who were children themselves during the time of the Blitz. In the Autumn, we will be running intergenerational workshops, with the company director and a Writer, from which we will create a script – and then finally, a performance.

Join us on our journey. Have a look at our interactive map which shows the damage the bombing caused, compare the streets then – with the streets now.  Keep on eye on the process so far through our photo gallery, find out about us, about the project and about the history of the Blitz.

Our story gathering has began. Come and meet the tellers and meet the gathererslisten to extracts of the interviews, read some of the transcripts.

If you are interested in what we are doing, have a read about how you can get involved.

We hope to see you soon. Over and out.