As part of last year’s 40th Bubble anniversary we held a public reading of one of the fondly remembered Bubble pantomimes. Red Riding Hood and The Wolf. It turned out to be a hugely enjoyable event, popular with old and young. We got the original cast and musicians together, threw in some props, tried to rehearse properly – but spent most of the time falling about – and then welcomed a lovely audience in to enjoy the fun. It was special. A number of people commented that the format  was in some ways better than the full production, as the script-in-hand performance meant you could relax, listen to the awful jokes, unpick the tortuous plot, and create your own stage pictures.
So we immediately decided to do it again.

On Sunday 29 December 2013 once again we de-frosted our dame and dusted off the flower and water gag to perform a public reading of one of our the Bubble classic Pantos.

Following a close run contest, the Bubble voters chose ALI BABA as the winning Panto for 2013.

So on that dead Sunday twixt Xmas and New Year join us for a chuckle, groan, gasp and gawp, as we revive the slop scene, and remind ourselves exactly how bad some of those gags actually were.

This year we held two performances, both of which were really well attended by enthusiastic audiences, young .. and some a little less young.
Take a look at photos from the event by clicking the green IMAGES button below.

All photography by Steve Hickey.

To remind yourself of Bubble Pantos past, follow the links below or to peruse our Panto archives using our Bubblepedia.

In 1993 the company eschewed tradition by producing Cinderella in-the-round at the Albany. See-though doc martins and the first outing for Tarto the giant goldfish.

1994, again at the Albany, giant rats emerged from a traverse stage to join the story of Dick Whittington and his trip to Deep Fjord.

1995, at the Albany the Washing Song sees the genie emerging from an exploding washing machine – Aladdin.

1996, the Bubble takes on multi-corporates in Jack and the Beanstalk. The Albany now in end stage formation. Len and Viv meet for the first time (more significantly than we originally thought).

1997, Sand Dancing meets Riverdance in Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves.

1998, Forest dwelling mini beasts and a large dog help Grandma through Red Riding Hood and the Wolf BUT YOU CAN’T VOTE FOR THIS AS IT WON LAST TIME…. DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT !!!

1999, Aladdin is revived as the Panto is potted out to the Cochrane Theatre.

2000, the audience turn back time to defeat giant police dogs in Sleeping Beauty (Cochrane)

2001, Cinderella re-written with flying Marrow and Gordon the Mouse  (Cochrane)

2002, Ali Baba and Mustapha Phag meet again at our new home Greenwich Theatre

2003, a dancing goose and twin wolves meet in Mother Goose and the Wolf (Greenwich)

2004 Cinderella was our last (or most recent) panto seen by over 18,000 people at the Greenwich Theatre.