in celebration of 10 years of bubble's older adults programme

On June 1st 2023, our community of Older Adults took over London Bubble’s social media and Head Quarters to showcase their creative offerings. The day included performances from London Bubble’s Over 55s drama groups, a Tea Break Theatre workshop demonstration and activities in The Rotherhithe Shed. After that, a delicious Afro-Caribbean lunch was served then we rounded up the day with a rehearsal room party; complete with a DJ, dancing and games.

PERFORMANCES and activities


Producer: Annys Whyatt

Resident Artist: Cecilia Garcia-Barnard

Facilitators: Alicia Pope, Arianne Carless-Lock, Cecilia Garcia-Barnard, Devon Myers, Jade Dowsett-Roberts, Lauren Anika, Marie Vickers, Michael Breakey

Designer: Amelia Bird

Musician: Charlie Garcia-Barnard

Videographer: Allen McGlynn

Photographer: Annys W. Photography

Caterer: Feli’s Daughter Unique Catering

With special thanks to participants DJ Walker and James for providing music at the party!

And what did people have to say about the event?

I found my confidence in performing and my reading is better than it was before.

I came for Looser Women and I was NOT disappointed! Looser Women should be on the telly.

It's a laugh, entertaining, nice and friendly all round!

Excellent!!! The Older Adults were amazing. I was cracking up with laughter. It’s great to see older adults out and about enjoying themselves and being creative. Loved it!


over 55s performed at the event, either on stage or as storytellers in the shed.


people came along to enjoy the event.


views clocked up on the Instagram live that we posted of the three event performances.