Mayflower Street runs between Jamaica Road and the Thames in Bermondsey, South London. In 1939, 34 houses and 121 residents occupied the street. Between 1940 and 1941 bombs fell on 7 of these houses and at the end of the war, the street – with its corner shop, was demolished. The London Bubble Theatre backs on to Mayflower Street overlooking the new houses and flats that now stand there. Over the course of a year, our drama group members researched the history of the Blitz, consulting the electoral roll and interviewing residents who grew up nearby.

Blackbirds is the drama that emerged from this process. Using personal testimony, physical theatre and the combined skills of a cast of contemporary Londoners, ranging in age from 7 to 78, the piece set out to share some of the experiences and events that made our city into the place we know it today.

Suitable for use in schools, colleges, youth theatres and community groups.

Inspired by South Londoners

Developed by Jonathan Petherbridge

Written by Simon Startin


From Docks to Desktops


Created from dozens of personal testimonies, this is the story of the changing face of work today.

Surrey Docks in South East London was once a thriving commercial hub where some of the UK’s top brands were based: Crosse & Blackwell, Sarson’s Vinegar, Peek Freans, Lipton’s Tea. These big companies created a myriad of jobs for local people and the community prospered.

But with the decline of the docks in the 1970s, factories closed down or moved away, work patterns changed and redevelopment began. From Docks to Desktops explores the fascinating story of how one community has survived the 21st century challenges of urban change and renewal.

Aurora New Plays

Written by Simon Startin

First performed by London Bubble Theatre company in 2013

Click here for our From Docks to Desktops trailer


Charting the Mayflower Pamphlets


London Bubble brought together historians, artists, volunteers and participants over three years in the build-up to the 400th commemoration of the sailing of the Mayflower. Using a creative research-based approach, this intergenerational community explored the history of the Mayflower voyage, its contemporary resonances, and drew out the bigger questions around our shared world history. Stories were examined! Truth was told! Theatre was made! Charting the Mayflower had three phases linked to the three stages of the voyage and these souvenir pamphlets share some of our findings and reflections from each: Leavings, Journeys and Arrivals. Grab your copies now!

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