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The lockdown due to Coronavirus has meant we have been unable to run our usual face to face groups for older adults.

The heart of the CEP involves bringing people together to share in creative endeavours and connect with each other. We are keenly aware that our participants are not only some of the most vulnerable to Covid-19 but also most likely to be profoundly negatively affected by social distancing and social isolation measures.  We have been working with our team of freelance artists to develop creative opportunities that can continue to connect people and offer opportunities for creative expression, despite the current circumstances.

Inspired by the appearance of rainbows in people’s windows around the world, the Creative Elders team have developed two booklets of creative exercises to do at home.

Tatita’s Rainbow was named for Mariño’s (one of our facilitators) grandmother, who lives in Spain.  They had been missing each other during lockdown and had also been talking about the rainbows which people were drawing and putting in their windows to help spread positivity.

It’s companion is called FINDING UMBERTO. It can be used on it’s own or alongside Tatita’s rainbow.  In this booklet we explore how each member of the CEP team responded to a different task in their own home and also responses from Tatita herself!

We also suggest ways to further explore the responses to the tasks and suggestions for how to make connections with friends & family members to share the experience.

Thanks to our multi-lingual facilitators, Tatita’s Rainbow is also available in Spanish and French. Click on the links to download  El arcoíris de Tatita and L’Arc en Ciel de Tatita.

The booklets have been designed with our older participants in mind but the activities can be enjoyed by people of all ages and by families together.

We are encouraging people to share their creative explorations from the booklets with us.  When it’s safe to do so, we hope to bring them together to celebrate!

You can share with us by emailing  posting your creations to Bubble HQ, 5 Elephant Lane, SE16 4JD or tagging us on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.