Playing Safe

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A crime prevention intervention for year 6 students.

Playing safe is a forum theatre project to create opportunities for young people to talk about serious youth violence, safety in their community and existing barriers to feeling safe.

Developed by London Bubble, Southwark Family Early Help and Youth Justice Service, the Metropolitan Police service and Surrey Square Primary School.

Phase 1

London Bubble Theatre Company deliver a drama workshop for year 6 including an interactive play and a presentation by the Metropolitan Police Service.
Through forum theatre, students will explore fictional characters & situations, actions & consequences and social & emotional wellbeing.

A workshop for parents of year 6 students including the same interactive play.

Content for the play has been developed with Southwark and Lambeth Gangs Unit (Met Police) and staff at Surrey Square Primary School to reflect current trends in gang culture and knife crime and the impact this can have on families.

Phase 2

Eight workshops for your eight most vulnerable year 6 students. The group will participate in drama exercises to explore conflict, choices, safety, thoughts and feelings culminating in a performance of their own for parents, carers and professionals.

London Bubble will provide support for identifying students who may benefit from the small group intervention.

If you are interested in running the project in your school or would like more information please contact | 0207 237 4434