what is playing safe?

Playing Safe is a short, interactive play about 11 year old Ali. In a community where serious youth violence poses a serious threat, who is keeping Ali safe? The audience are invited to help Ali navigate life at home, school and in the community in the wake of a tragic event.

playing safe was back touring schools this week

The first phase of this summer’s Playing Safe project took place the week of June 5th 2023.
It was performed by Arianne Carless-Lock, Lauren Anika & Russeni Fisher and extremely well received by all four audiences.
Originally devised by Alicia Pope, Josiah Mutupa & Lauren Anika
Directed by Marie Vickers

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what did people think of playing safe?

It reminded me that young children can be at risk of being in trouble if parents aren't being very attentive to the needs of their children.

What a session this morning! The kids loved it, the teacher was super impressed and there were some excellent discussions happening during the forum section. You guys absolutely smashed it.


actors (young theatre maker alum) have played Ali in Playing Safe over the last four years


children experienced this tour of Playing Safe and took part in helping Ali navigate his problems.


phases of Playing Safe took place this summer, the tour being the first.