Inspired by our summer 2021 project South London Stories, Southwark Children & Families commissioned London Bubble to produce Southwark Stories – a series of short films made with parents, care leavers, foster carers and social workers in Southwark.

The Council recruited six participants who we then paired with professional writers to explore the lives and journeys of the people that mattered most to them. Collaborative sessions took place mostly digitally, and out of them came inspired characters with carefully crafted monologues.

Filmed on location around Southwark, these monologues resulted in an extremely powerful artistic endeavour; six very separate but complimentary films depicting different experiences of the care system and exploring themes including trust, protection, authority, communication, trauma, loss and hope.

As not all participants chose to perform their monologues, this created employment opportunities for five actors, four of whom came through Bubble’s Young Theatre Makers programme and all five of whom were South East Londoners! The creative team had a variety of personal experience regarding the care system; including being the birth child of a fostering family, an adoptive parent and sitting on a fostering panel.

The films will be used by Southwark Children & Families in the recruitment and retention of social workers and foster carers.

As ever a truly stunning piece of work, what a lovely warm receptive audience too. Well done on such a wonderful, moving, impactful event.


people attended the Southwark Stories screening


Creatives were hired


Real people connected to foster care participated in the films

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developed with and performed by Sharon Trainor

written by Natalie Mitchell

My Garden

developed with Pauline Huie

written by Evan Placey

performed by Ann Ogbomo

Black Borderline but…

developed with Rukiya Davenport

written by Nicole Latchana

performed by Lauren Anika

It Is What It Is

developed with Tyler Barnett

written by Sid Sagar

performed by Deshaye Gayle

Where There Is Hope

written by Jevwe Ugbowanko

developed with Siana Bangura

performed by Arianne Carless-Lock

Dear Social Worker

written and read by Aisha Wallace

developed with Siana Bangura

performed by Florence Williams

All films directed by Marie Vickers, filmed and edited by Katy Annand