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Primary - Intergenerational project

An inter-generational performance project for 2018.

Primary schools occupy an important position in our lives. Their role is to support, educate and socialise young people, and for many they are the first institution we engage with, occupying a vivid place in our memory. This can often be as places of nurture, friendship and creativity, although they can also be associated with experiences of isolation and difficulty.
Primary schools affect the lives not just of pupils, but of teachers and others who work and volunteer there, and of the policy makers who work to support and resource schools and connect them to the wider community.

This year London Bubble is investigating the subject of primary schools, and the part they play in our lives, through a creative process involving children, adults and artists.
Training sessions, interviews and workshops will lead to a co-created performance piece given by a multi-generational cast and choir in March 2018.

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