London Bubble engages people from a rich range of backgrounds, some of whom say they feel invisible, isolated or excluded in every day life. Our projects offer a space where they are listened to, accepted and valued. Through theatre, we encourage creative expression and explore the stories that matter to our members.

Our members report and our practitioners observe that taking part in London Bubble Theatre projects leads to increased social and emotional wellbeing including feeling more connected, improved communication skills, social skills and relationships, self-belief and confidence, motivation, emotional regulation and self-awareness, demonstrating the positive impact that taking part has on individual people.


Speech Bubbles is an award-winning drama intervention for children in key stage one. Designed and developed back in 2009, we are proud to say that as of September 2021, Speech Bubbles has now been established as an independent charity. We are now working in partnership to deliver the project across 8 Southwark and Lewisham primary schools.

In August 2021, we ran an in-house ‘week of fun’ here at London Bubble for children aged 6 to 11 from within our local communities. The week explored building characters and creating stories collaboratively through play. 

Why did you want to come to a drama group?

When asked this question, the top 3 answers from the children were:

How does drama make you feel?

When asked this question, the top 3 answers from the children were:

Young People

Young Theatre Makers – a 12-week programme for up to 12 people aged 18-25 with time during the day. The group co-create an interactive forum theatre show & workshop with Bubble’s specialist practitioners. The skills and confidence they develop are put into practice on tour to younger peer groups, reaching a further 300 young people, raising debate and profile of social issues.

Our role and impact is both short and long-term. Our members, evaluation and research tell us the programme

40 %

About 75% of members go into employment and training, but what makes the programme unique is the immediate employment opportunities; over 30 alumni are currently employed by Bubble as artists, diversifying our workforce and breaking down barriers to arts careers.

0 %

Between April – September 2021, 30% of the freelance staff we employed had begun their Bubble journey as a Young Theatre Maker.  We aim to increase this so that every Bubble group has the benefit of our home-grown talent.

Older Adults

It has made a positive impact on my life. Having the shed […], they’re right on my doorstep, so it’s amazing I can walk here in under 5 minutes and get involved with something.

Tea Break Theatre

Some of our closest neighbours to Bubble’s Rotherhithe base live in sheltered accommodation but it was many years until we got to know them. Recognising our responsibility to challenge how easily older adults become hidden within society, we developed Tea Break Theatre to allow their creative voices and skills to become visible and celebrated.

Tea Break Theatre: the only theatre-based activity available to residents of sheltered housing in Southwark, fostering older adults’ innate creativity, increasing community and wellbeing.  Groups meet in sheltered housing and community venues.

Members tell us that Tea Break Theatre supports increased social connections, building communities, supporting maintained independence, good health and wellbeing.

...that led to me getting to know my neighbours - which was really really important. Without that I think, to this day, we would have just possibly smiled, and nodded and that would be it. It’s quite a journey to get to the stage of being friends with people. I think Bubble has been really critical for the group vehicle that has helped with that process.