a themed performance project

London Bubble is 50 years old in 2022. To mark this milestone, we invited our members aged 55 and older to create a brand-new piece of theatre and perform it our anniversary street party.

the inspiration was the year 1972

Members worked with theatre maker and director Angela Clerkin, supported by Lauren Anika (who first trained with us as a Bubble Young Theatre Maker) and sound designer Indie Makukula.

In just 10 hours they devised a performance filled with memories, social and political context, music and dance moves from that year.

Some people, who we invited to take part but who weren’t able to join us, spontaneously sent pieces of writing about their experiences in 1972 which the group incorporated into their performance.

And what was their favourite part?

The dancing and dressing up, to put on a fun and worthwhile performance

Being with new people

Everybody gelling together for the performance on Saturday


over 55s participated in the performance project.


felt confident to share ideas with the group during the process.


hours of rehearsal time across one week culminated in the final performance of 1972.