Anita’s volunteer story

I accepted an invitation to help on a project directed by Helena Rice at the Bubble Theatre Company.

I was thrilled to be involved in theatre work once again. It gave me the opportunity to use my initiative, rediscover skills, and learn new ones; thereby increasing my confidence.

I prepared some light props to be used by the cast (sacks filled with crumpled newspaper). I did some shopping which included extra sacking, to be cut into squares for bunting and used to decorate the set. I used a sewing machine to make the bunting and a patchwork quilt inspired by African themes.The fabric for the quilt was donated by the production team and cast members.

Being part of a community and meeting all the participants; all this was new to me.

Working with the project director and her colleagues was a pleasure.

I never felt under pressure, in fact, I was supported and encouraged throughout the time.

I would happily volunteer again.

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Just a quick one to say that it is a full company call tomorrow i.e. we need everyone! See you...
15 Mar 2011

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