Hopelessly De-Voted

Bubble’s intergenerational project for 2014-15 exploring engagement and disengagement with the political system.

About the Project

Can theatre help people question politics?

In the lead up to the 2015 election Bubble will be bringing together an intergenerational group to research, explore and make theatre around the subject of why people are turned off by the electoral system (and yet think British Democracy is so great).

Starting in September 2014 we are inviting newly enfranchised voters to interview stakeholders in the political system – MPs, councillors, winners and losers. These interviews will be recorded, transcribed and then developed by an intergenerational community company working with specialist artists to shape the material into a performance piece intended to provoke debate and understanding in early 2015.

HDV Perfomances

People | Politics | Theatre

Bubble’s latest intergenerational project exploring engagement and disengagement with the political system.
Hopelessly De-Voted has now reached an interesting stage, where having worked intensively with a team of professional artists, the cast is ready to present what they have developed. It’s not a ‘no cost spared’ performance but an inspired and creative moment in the history of the project.

Having been performed on 27th & 28th March at London Bubble and 2nd May, as part of the Changing Britain festival at the Southbank Centre, HDV can now be seen:

Sunday 7th June at 5pm & 6.30pm
at London Bubble, 5 Elephant Lane

Please note that the performance contains a few swear words.
(photography by Jonathan Vines)

How Can I Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with Hopelessly De-Voted

Join our intergenerational group
Meets Thursdays, 6.30-8.30pm
We are bringing together a group of all ages to research and explore how people currently feel about our political system.  The testimony and information gathered during the interviews will be developed during our weekly workshops and will form the basis of a script. This will be performed by an intergeneration community cast in April 2015 – the run up to the election in May.
This is a paid for group.  To find out more CLICK HERE or give us a call.

Help us ‘forage’
Foraging is what we call the process of researching, interviewing and workshopping.  For this project we are interested in gathering some non-verbal foraging, and invite you to upload your images of Voting Day to our Bubblepedia HERE.
You never know, they might end up in the final performance!

Take part in #HDV Consultation week
From 14-20th November we are aiming to gather as many opinions as we can by asking two or three simple questions to as many people as possible, in work places, schools, cafes …. but we need people to help us do this by asking those questions to their friends, family and colleagues.
CLICK HERE to find out how you can get involved.

Help us transcribe an interview
During the course of the project we will be conducting interviews with elected politicians, politicians who have lost an election, voters and non-voters, activists, new UK residents, electoral officers …. you get the idea.
If you would like to help us transcribe these interviews, please get in touch.

Or do you know someone we might like to interview?
At the moment we are particularly interested in talking to people to do not vote or have spoiled their ballot papers.
If you know someone you think would be suitable please get in touch to let us know.

For more information or to register your interest in the project please get in touch
020 7237 4434 | lucy@londonbubble.org.uk


HDV Consultation Week

As part of the ‘foraging’ process of creating Hopelessly De-Voted we want to get as many people’s opinions as we can. So we organised the:

#HDV Consultation Week
14 – 20 November 2014

(cunningly planned to link in with UK Parliament week)During the week we ran the consultation on Twitter and Facebook, knocking on doors, and put the question to the person in the street and the politico in parliament.

We held consultations at:
The Blue Market, Bermondsey, SE16 – Friday 14 Nov, 1pm – 3pm
Blackfriars Settlement, SE1 – Tuesday, 18 Nov, 2pm – 3pm
Up Market, Albion Street SE16 – Thu 20 Nov, 11am – 1pm

visited friendly neighbours, and ran vox-pops across all our weekly groups.

We asked 3 questions to people aged 15 and above: 

– What does politics mean to you?
– How do you participate in it?
– Can you think of anything that would make it more attractive to you?

If you’d like to get involved in Hopelessly De-Voted, please get in touch on 020 7237 4434 or email lucy@londonbubble.org.uk

HDV Blog

Artists and participants share their experiences and reflections on #HDV.

Read them here

Launch Event - 2nd October

Our launch event took place at Bubble HQ on 2nd October 2014

Around 70 people joined us for the evening as we outlined the project and discussed what we’d like to find out.

We were greeted with an interactive installation, led by Bubble’s young researchers, which invited people to play political top trumps and to investigate questions like how would you make politics more attractive? and how important is a politician’s image?

Bite the Ballot then ran a thought provoking and inspiring workshop where we were invited to use the power of our feet to discuss tough democratic decisions and trying our hand at balancing the national budget.
Fin Kennedy then chaired and an open conversation with MP Simon Hughes, Bubble’s Chair of Trustees, Mike Beer from Bite the Ballot and members of Bubble’s young researchers group.  The Q&A gave us an opportunity to raise some of the questions that concern us about the political system.

If you’re interested in participation, politics and people then get involved with Hopelessly De-Voted.


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