A fairly scary fairy tale
6 Dec 2006 – 13 Jan 2007 at The Albany Theatre, Deptford

Spangleguts is based on an Italian tale, a tale that gave us Snow White and Sleeping Beauty – but they left out the best bits.
Christmas 2006 saw Bubble take the real and much more exciting story to the Albany. Featuring an evil schoolteacher, a thirsty cliff-top lemon tree, a talking book, two deaths, a runaway horse, a dashing prince, a blabbermouth eagle, and the fairies with holey socks.

And of course – Spangleguts, a girl in search of a name.

Written and Directed by Jonathan Petherbridge and Designed by Pip Nash


Cast & Creative Team


Spangleguts – Nicole Charles
Teacher – Kate Sophie Russell
Witch Woman – Milly Li Leng Au
Father, After 8 – Bernie Daniel Copeland
Queen – F1 Simon Startin
Trebor, Eagle – Yeoman Nick Shorney
Murray/Everton – Martin Amit Sharma


Writer & Director – Jonathan Petherbridge
Designer – Pip Nash
LX Designer – Neil Brinks
Composer – Sayan Kent

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