B-Day (a bit like D-Day, but less naval action and more performace)

The day of Blackbirds – or B-day as it shall now be known – is nearly here…..

The troops are readying

The plans have been laid out.

The target is clear

And alongside all of that, the final rehearsals are underway, everyone in the office is adding the finishing touches to the programme, organising grand (potentially cake-based) front of house schemes, all those working in the space have been grafting away rigging the lights and sound equipment, sorting out the audience seating and many other exciting things and the cast seems rearing and ready to go.

If you, your family or your friends haven’t bought your tickets yet – now is the time to do so! The performances on Tuesday evening, Friday evening and Sunday afternoon are completely sold out, so get in there quick.

That’s all for now

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2 Responses

  1. Jake

    Just came back from a long reheaRsal at dIlston grove . it went on for about seven hours, with one half an hour break . the only bad thing is that its showing on my sats week i’m going to be really tired ,luckily my head teacher said that i could come in a bit late if i’m really tired .another good thing is that my head teacher has advertised the show in the weekly news letter ! so yeah …

    EVERY ONE HAVE A GOOD WEEK END !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀

  2. Ian

    The space at Dilston dressed looks even better than it did as an empty space. Everybody managed to find the energy to do an improved run late on Friday. Thanks Bubble.

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