Blackbirds comes home to roost at the Pumphouse

It’s been another very busy week for the Blackbirds team!

From last Tuesday the technical team were turning the Pumphouse Museum in Rotherhithe into a performance space for the show.  Lights were rigged, seating was arranged, tea was brewed and then the cast arrived on Wednesday evening to start rehearsals.

I think we all felt very priviledged to perform in a space which has such close physical and atmospheric links with the Blitz.  It’s been a long, varied and emotional journey so far.  Since the commemorative evening for the 1st night of the Blitz which we were involved with at Surrey Docks Farm in September 2010 and now to be back in the same area performing Blackbirds on Remembrance weekend 2011.

Thanks to everyone who came to support the show at the Pumphouse and to the cast, crew, creative team and volunteers for your endless enthusiasm and commitment to Grandchildren of the Blitz.

If you still haven’t seen the show yet your very LAST CHANCE will be in January.
Blackbirds will be coming to the new Canada Water Culture Space on 6th & 7th January 2012.
Get your tickets via or call us on 020 7237 1663

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  1. Muhammad

    It was immensely delightful to perform in Canada Water – Friday & yesterday. The smallness of the space was a challenge, but I suppose we adapted, in the little time we had. I could have been much better prepared had I practiced more at home – so I’ve learned now to take a project more seriously. Each Bubble venture leaves me wanting to be better. I wonder if the Bubble shows are getting better as the years roll by. Was Blackbirds better than Gilgamesh (2000)?! . . . I loved and never loathed working with my peers – it’s been such a long journey – nearly a year and a half. There are so many big/little things that require attention to make a production successful. It’s uncanny! The main thing is the cast and crew made it to the end. I feel I’ve achieved something. We made something from nothing & that’s a minor miracle. . . . I took pleasure in belting out my lines, and living the drama on stage. I saw my peers making an effort to shine and it heartened me. We lived thru a story, an adventure – all about a set of heroic people who faced tyranny and took it on the chin. Great stuff. . . . My sincerest thanks to Peth & Bubble for a terrific experience.

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