Careful Connections

A paper given to the Performing Care Symposium, London. 15th December 2016

Thank you for coming along, and thank you Amanda and James for organising this fascinating conference.

My name is Jonathan Petherbridge, some people call me Peth. I’m 62, and I’ve been making theatre since I was 17. Initially with mates at school – experimental stuff. Making theatre with my friends was a direct response to my parents breaking up – seeking to find a sense of connection really. Then creating another surrogate family with a touring company Theatre Camel, and then moving into repertory theatre. When I landed in Lancaster as Artistic Director of The Dukes, I sought to connect the theatre-making to the community of the town – through involving community performers and moving the work out of the theatre by originating the Williamson Park promenade project that continues to be produced each summer to this day.


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