Foraging for ideas

This week has been a jam packed week for our company! Not that we plan on slowing down now, after the week we have had, the company are just full of ideas and eager to get started! We have done everything this week from devising to seeing theatre to running a workshop with Year 10’s at St Michaels, even attending a symposium by Immediate Theatre on domestic violence.

After our workshop with the Year 10’s we came away with pages and pages of themes and ideas, giving us a range of interesting and relevant topics to explore. A prominent theme throughout our session with St Michaels was ‘social media’. It sparked lots of ideas within our company and quickly became the focus of the workshop. Knowing how significant social media is within today’s society, Cohort 7 have chosen this as the theme to explore and are excited to bring it to life. It is already clear that this cohort has a lot of passion and knowledge around this subject and they want to turn it into an amazing piece of theatre.

Knowing this is only the beginning of the process just makes us even more excited for what’s to come.

Sophie Lowe

Central School of Speech and Drama Placement

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