Interview No.10!

We had our tenth interview yesterday – with Daisy Edwards of Bermondsey. The full interview will be available on the site in the next week. It was a good one. Laid out all over the room were maps and pictures of the docks and our surrounding area – pre and post Blitz; Daisy, along with her friends (and potential interviewees!) Bet and Rose went down to the Local History Library to do their own research. Bet told me about all three of them being there, chatting and exhanging memories over these images in the quiet of the library; conjures up a pretty good picture!

The interviewees were Geillo and Wendy form Bacon’s College and they are going to come and do their work placement at Bubble in December, so it was a good practical introduction to the project. Sharon Rapaport – one of our volunteers – supported the interview and did a fanatastic job

Just to remind everyone that the website launch will now happen on the 4th November at 6pm – just before the regular Thursday session. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy exploring the site!

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