11th December 2001 – 12th January 2002

London Bubble’s pantomime for 2001, performed at the Cochrane Theatre, was a brand new version of one of the world’s favourite stories.
Our version of Cinderella was set in a Victorian household, where our young heroine struggles to come to terms with the idea of living with her new family. Her stepsisters are childish and constantly squabbling, her new stepmother vain and uncaring, and father to timid to do anything about it. It is left to the ghost of her dead mother to try and help her escape from her life of misery.
Although, as is usual with Bubble pantomimes, there is a menagerie of animals who play a major role in proceedings.

Cast included:
Eva Alexander:  Ella
Ben Bennett: Wilbert / Gordon
Sophie Duval: Victoria
Eric MacLennan: Charles / Gordon
Jane Nash: Ruby
Ben Stock: Ronald
Luke Stoneham: Juan / Gordon
Simon Thomson:  Florence / Gordon