Friday 30th August
Russia Dock Woodland, SE16

From 27th – 30th August London Bubble invited young people to join us and work with professional theatre makers and artists as part of our LB+ programme.

They worked intensively over 4 days to create a brand new, devised performance inspired by the landscape and natural environment of Russia Dock Woodland in Rotherhithe.
On the Friday afternoon they performed their work to friends, family and the wider Bubble community.

In preparation for the performance on Friday, we were joined by volunteers from IPSOS MORI.  They spent a lovely, sunny day getting to know our young company, creating props, providing stewarding support and even taking part as performers themselves.  We’d like to thank them for their creativity and support and we hope they’ll stay in touch.

To see images from the day click on the green banner below.

This summer project was part of our ongoing LB+ programme.  LB+ offers young people with time during the day the opportunity to join our company of young actors and workshops leaders.
A new LB+ group will start in mid September.
To find out more about LB+ and how you can join contact:
020 7237 4434 or 

LB+ gratefully acknowledges support from Team London Bridge and The Brook Trust