Forum theatre for young people by young people
Devised and performed by Bubble’s Young Theatre Makers

Tanya wants to stand out, Jason wants to blend in.
The teachers keep telling them they can be anything they want but these two bright six sixteen year olds feel the pressure that their reputations bring. Juggling their families, their friends and their ambitions, life doesn’t seem easy.
And with the added stress of their GCSEs just around the corner, Tanya and Jason feel like their lives are falling to pieces.
A forum theatre piece that invites the audience to improve the situations experienced by our characters.

Living in the endz, where intelligence is frowned upon, two young people struggle to be heard.

Both 16, both misunderstood, the teachers tell them they can be whatever they want to be but pressure from their friends and families seems to stand in the way of their hopes and dreams.
Life is a puzzle…Can they fit the pieces back together?

Pieces toured to schools and youth clubs in summer 2015
For more information or to book a performance, please contact Marie:0207 237 4434 or email