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Our Partnership

The Museum of London is relocating to a brand-new site in Smithfield and they have invited us to work with them as they curate the Young Londoners’ Archive – a new collection by young people about growing up in the capital. Since the beginning of the year, we have partnered with the museum, developing a play and performing it in schools. ‘Museum of Me’ acts as a starting point for a bigger project led by the museum’s learning department. As representation is an important consideration for London Bubble Theatre, we’ve applied our first-hand experience of working with children and young people who are care experienced, newly arrived in the country and from low socio-economic communities, to create a realistic reflection of contemporary London life which welcomes underrepresented young audiences to access and engage with The Museum of London and other cultural institutions.

The Devising Process: ‘Museum of Me’

Like most London Bubble plays, ‘Museum of Me’ didn’t start with a script. Instead, the cast (Lauren Anika, Arianne Carless-Lock and Russenï Fisher) and I worked collaboratively to create the characters and devise a show that explores identity, belonging and representation through the eyes of young people. The play’s narrative and the interactive activities that are embedded in it, encourage audiences to contribute to the exhibition, due to open in 2026, and think about what they would like to see in a display about young Londoners.

Touring the show

Performing in every London borough over the next two years is particularly exciting for London Bubble! We have visited 12 out of 32 schools so far and are captivated by these new communities – acknowledging the differences and similarities between young people living across the capital.

It’s very special seeing young audience members react, interact and participate throughout the show and workshop activities. They easily find something they can relate to in the three characters. Whether it’s their family life, their struggles or sense of humour, they can identify with what they’re seeing on stage.

We often hear hums of agreement with the characters as they share their disappointment in seeing “no-one like them” in the play’s fictional museum. Food, fashion and family feature heavily. The audience audibly appreciate the cultural references that are peppered throughout the play; the language, the music, the themes around immigration, community and defining ‘home’ in a multicultural metropolis.

Taking theatre into schools enables us to reach more people who may not easily access the arts, providing a positive cultural experience whilst exploring stories that matter to them. As with all Bubble projects, we are intent on ensuring that people feel seen, heard, and valued in their contributions.

Our team are enjoying performing in these intimate settings and can’t wait to see how the students’ creative responses inform the Young Londoners’ Archive at the Museum of London. We’re very proud to be part of this ground-breaking initiative and to play a part in changing museum history. For the first time ever, this collection will be made up of children and young people’s work and the Museum of London will exhibit snapshots of growing up in London today, chicken shops and all!

Written By Artistic Director/CEO Marie Vickers

‘Museum of Me’ is touring schools across London throughout 2024 and 2025

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