My day with Bubble

“What an amazing experience, I spent my day with the guys from London Bubble Theatre Company as they continue their journey interviewing for their theatre project From Docks to Desktops.  An oral history project about the evolution of work in the local communities in Rotherhithe, Bermondsey and Deptford.

I was interviewed by Omar, aged 15 and Jasmine, aged 10  about my role as Centre manager at The Biscuit Factory. What made my job interesting, my interaction  with my customers,  reflection of  my life experiences which took me down memory lane back to my uni days.

Other customers interviewed at  The Biscuit Factory were Ali from The Bridge Café, Mark from the Vibe Gallery, Ike from Enypictures Media, The Guys from Oliver’s Bakery and last but not least Fred from The Arch Climbing.  The day was ended off with climbing activities, naturally I didn’t part take but the guys had fun( thanks Fred) and  lush brownies provided by Oliver’s Bakery ( thanks Guys).

All in all fun, interesting and inspiring interviewees. Well Done Mr Omar and Lady Jasmine, you guys rock and always welcomed back to The Biscuit Factory”.

By Barbara Acheampong

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27 Oct 2020

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