a brand new experience featuring forum theatre, spoken word and original music

Amir has to choose a new soundtrack for this next phase of his life. Is he ready? Can he do it? As the pressure mounts, things begin to crescendo into chaos and Amir’s once smooth symphony quickly deteriorates into a screech of white noise. School life, home life, all he wants to do is tune it out! Can Amir win the battle to stay on beat or will life’s overload fumble all his lyrics?

OVERLOAD is an original play created by the first cohort of Young Theatre Makers 2023, cohort 18, which they spent 8 weeks on the programme devising from scratch.

ytm tour

In addition to performing for Bubble members, family & friends and the general public at Bubble HQ, cohort 18 toured the play to several other locations including The Central School of Speech & Drama, Deptford Green School and St Dunstan’s college.

panel discussion

To conclude the evening performance of OVERLOAD on Wednesday March 29th, our producer Natalie Clarke hosted a panel talk where the issues raised in the play were dissected and audience members had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in solution-based discourse. Along with our director and sound engineer, there were three other panelists:

The play had depth and the versatility of the actors was so good! I can see this becoming a Channel 4 miniseries!

I enjoyed the sense of community, fun and discourse for change around real life situations/issues!


people attended Overload and participated in the post-performance forum theatre experience.


freelancers were employed on the project including an assistant director and a sound engineer.


people made donations, either in person or online via our website, which came to a total of £55