Volunteer Stories

Volunteers support the company in lots of different ways. 

Have a look at the Project Blog for Charting the Mayflower to find out more about how volunteers can support and get involved in this project.

Or you can read about the journeys that two of our volunteers have taken while supporting our Creative Homes project in sheltered housing units.

Tzu-Ying Chen's volunteer story

I am Tzu-Ying from Taiwan. I have done the internship and volunteered in Bubble for about six months. I mainly participated in the Creative Homes sessions, and sometimes supported other activities.

In Creative Homes, I help the facilitator set up the place and try many interesting and inspiring activities with the participants. It’s amazing to see how the participants challenge the stereotypes of ageing, and show their creativity and vigour throughout the sessions. The room is always full of laughter and encouragement.

People support and care for each other like family. I feel so lucky that I am a part of the family.

Anita Five's volunteer story

I accepted an invitation to help on a project directed by Helena Rice at the Bubble Theatre Company.

I was thrilled to be involved in theatre work once again. It gave me the opportunity to use my initiative, rediscover skills, and learn new ones; thereby increasing my confidence.

I prepared some light props to be used by the cast (sacks filled with crumpled newspaper). I did some shopping which included extra sacking, to be cut into squares for bunting and used to decorate the set. I used a sewing machine to make the bunting and a patchwork quilt inspired by African themes.The fabric for the quilt was donated by the production team and cast members.

Being part of a community and meeting all the participants; all this was new to me.

Working with the project director and her colleagues was a pleasure.

I never felt under pressure, in fact, I was supported and encouraged throughout the time.

I would happily volunteer again.

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