Bubble In Your Setting

We run a number of projects in partnership with other organisations which see us engage 11-25s with experience of the justice system, the care system and unemployment. These projects provide opportunities for young people to be creative, express themselves and explore the themes that matter to them whilst building social and emotional wellbeing and skills for life and work.

Partners include:

Camden Virtual School
Headstart Action (part of London Youth)
Prince’s Trust
Our Time
Southwark Family Early Help Service
Southwark Youth Offending Service
Southwark Children & Families
University of Leeds


SpeakerBox is Southwark’s Children in Care Council. Our partnership with them is part of Bubble’s Young People’s Programme. We explore the stories that matter to young people through drama and like all Bubble projects, we never start with a script. This means that every narrative shared is unique to the young people taking part.
From improvisation and spoken word, to exploring movement through music and writing, our specially tailored workshops consisting of theatre techniques, drama games and exercises, are a fun and creative way to develop social and emotional wellbeing.
What We Do:
– Encourage young people to express themselves creatively.
– Support young people to develop positive relationships with their peers and adults.
– Allow young people to get involved with all aspects of theatre-making: technical, stage management, performing and set design.
Over the last 8 years, SpeakerBox’s young people have co-created plays and films for invited audiences.  They have chosen to explore themes including community, friendship, knife crime, grief, family, and identity in Southwark.
We are incredibly proud that many young people from SpeakerBox also take part in other Bubble projects. They are always welcome and have become a part of the Bubble family!



Creative Voices

Creative Voices is a 5 session intervention that provides opportunities for young people to be creative, express themselves and tell the stories that matter to them. Bubble practitioners use a range of techniques to encourage character development, storytelling and performance. We work in a collaborative way, meaning that our young people and practitioners often perform alongside each other. Some young people choose to write, direct or offer technical support.

Through drama, we explore arrange of themes and consequences, reflecting on what is happening to each of the characters and why. This results in cutting edge contemporary stories full of dilemmas and drama whilst offering insight into young lives.

In the final session, a theatre designer transforms the space so that we share the story the group has created to maximum effect.

Previous themes have included fatherhood, relationships, consent, trust and betrayal, family, exploitation and aspirations.

“Even if you don’t really want to be that character you can still put into that character. And help build that character…we felt a lot more involved. Because each of us like…every single character and everything they’ve done we’ve all put into it…and that makes us feel a lot better, innit.”

The Creative Voices process works well with young people who want to participate in drama and those who don’t. To discuss a similar project in your setting, please contact natalie@londonbubble.org.uk

Way Into Work

This intervention uses drama and theatre to help young people identify their strengths and goals and prepare for interviews.

Young People:

“It was good, like I said you get to learn from what you’re doing, what you’re doing in that session and what it’s based on. You get to learn and see where the mistakes are and where you can actually like progress from there and you could actually like relate to the situation.”

To discuss a similar project in your setting, please contact natalie@londonbubble.org.uk

Get Started With Theatre

Get Started With Theatre is a week-long intervention introducing young people to the theatre industry and supporting them to create a performance in a week. During the course they will be involved in a range of creative activities that develop their communication, confidence, self esteem and team working skills.
Working collaboratively with our experienced practitioners, young people will create a performance about the issues they feel are most important right now. 
During the week they will also receive workshops and work alongside industry professionals (set, lighting and sound designers) giving them insight into the varied careers held in the sector and take an escorted trip to see live theatre in a professional setting. 

"What stood out to me was the growth and confidence of the young people during the performance in just one week."

To discuss a similar project in your setting, please contact natalie@londonbubble.org.uk