The Rotherhithe Shed

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The Rotherhithe Shed is a collaboration between London Bubble and our neighbours Time & Talents. Set up for older men (55yrs+) in Southwark (but welcomes men and women), it is based on the very successful Australian Men’s Shed movement.

The Shed is open on:

Our Covid-safe adaptations for sessions in the workshop include:

The Rotherhithe Shed is open on Monday & Thursday afternoons, for people aged 55 and over.

If you have a project you’d like to work on and are looking for tools, support & space to make it a reality, come and join us.

It’s free to join.

A partnership project between London Bubble Theatre Company and Time & Talents, it aims to bring together older men (and women) to put their practical skills to good use – fixing, making, whittling, drilling, sawing and generally tinkering.

Sessions are held in a well equipped workshop where members can work together on a range of practical activities. Skilled artists and technical experts are available to support members, and project ideas are strongly encouraged and developed. If you have something that needs mending or maintaining, be it a wobbly chair or a squeaky bike bring it along.

Rotherhithe Shed is a good opportunity for anyone looking for social and creative experiences, including a chance to make new friends, to experience the camaraderie of working with other men or simply putting practical skills to good use.

Whether you are someone looking to learn new skills or already highly skilled, there is a role for you at Rotherhithe Shed.

To find out more or book a place contact:
Lucy on 07349 945 098 (London Bubble) or Devon on 020 7232 5663 (Time & Talents)
or email 

CLICK HERE to visit the Rotherhithe Shed’s own website

The Rotherhithe Shed is free to attend.

We thank City Bridge Trust, Albion Street Community Charity and the Henry Smith Charity for their generous support of the programme.

*NB: we take short breaks for major public holidays and bank holidays.