Patrick’s experience of From Docks to Desktops

This document is designed to give the reader a brief insight into my experience of being interviewed by members of the London Bubble team who have put together the project “From Docks to Desktops.” The interview covered a time when the London Docks were still operational but very much in decline; we were young, care free and of course it was the buzzing 60`s.

Many years these adventures and experiences fade with the mist of time. In fact until Claire contacted me, I thought yes it was a great time, but some 47 years on who cares? The fact that someone who is less than half my age did care and was interested motivated me to dig into my past and retrieve the items and stories.

The interview was conducted with Jody in a most relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere in a quiet part of the office. It was carried out at my pace, I became so relaxed that I could have gone for hours. The editing was good and brought out the important points that otherwise I`m sure would have been missed.

These interviews I hope will help younger people who may be getting ready to enter the job market learn from the mistakes that were made and also to help them understand how this country became the nation it is today. Maybe the politicians could learn some too?

I believe the interview skills shown to me are based on the skills of a very intelligent young lady who is turning them into the tools of her trade.

A really enjoyable experience, thank you so much,

Patrick Doyle.


To read or listen to Patrick’s story please follow this link

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