Rehearsal on 16th March

Just a quick one to say that it is a full company call tomorrow i.e. we need everyone! See you there!

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  1. Ian

    Cor! Rotherhithe saw some superb foxtrotting last night and some inspired tactics for covering of poor footwork. Personally I’d be happy to be I the later camp. Did anybody else startto feel sorry for the instructor. She had a definite lok of resignation when tackling our difficulties. What must of seemed so simle to her was leaving the new 21st century slouch potatoes gasping for air. But some were definitely flying which is impressive. This show actually looks lIke it could be funny and not surreal or confusing. I think Peth’s right though, weneed everyone to focus the whole time. The children last night did seem to go a bit bonkers and the group can be quite rude in people seem to think mobiles have priority over the person you are actually presently speaking to in a room and also the mistaken belief that we are at school and that others are interested in our mucking about. Get a something life! The sessions are too short and this is more fun to do than dealing with silly stuff. All in all the more formal polite ways of the forties look more attractive day by day and couldn’t children today do with greater independence both of adults & media including phones. I feel much better for that.

  2. Ian

    Apologies for spelling I’m using a tiddly smart phone and the key pad is rubbish as is most of the 21st century.

  3. Faye

    Trying to book tickets for the best show in town this summer and struggling! Online booking system is literally laughing in my face and phone number has old Sirens of Titan message and no one picking up! Quick, sort it out Bubble or we will lose valuable audience members! I want my cheap airline ticket!

  4. Hacer

    I must say booking my tickets for the performance was a piece of cake,I was soo excited about booking seats for my family I couldnt wait to get home from work so went ahead to book them in the middle of St Pauls amongst very loud traffic and millions of people rushing by to get to work.I think the way it was done added to the excitment and am counting down the days to the performance now.last nite was exceptionaly good with working on the foxtrot again,I dont think I ever imagined myself learning the foxtrot in my life a huge thanku to the wonderful teacher who has been twice now to teach us,(please forgive me I have forgotten her name)she has been sooo patient with us I just wanted to express my gratitude to her.Ian I agree with you about Peths comments last nite i think those comments were well overdue and I am glad he raised and addressed the issues lastnite.Faye you are rite about the number on the leaflet given last nite I couldnt get through on that one but if you call the 0207237 4434 number you will get through straight away and the booking process is very straight forward.good luck with that.see you all next week.

  5. Marigold

    Hi Ella – sorry for the delay in posting this comment. Hope you are settling in well – hello from everybody at London Bubble!

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