On Friday 8th July 2022 all three Tea Break Theatre groups came together for an end of term event. Since April they had been exploring the theme of Nature.

Each group had worked together with Bubble’s freelance artists and developed the same theme in a wide variety of ways. They had also worked together with Maia Frateantonio, a talented designer, who created set and/or costume for each group, inspired by their ideas.

The event aptly took place in Kings Stairs Gardens, behind Bubble HQ, which some of the groups had visited during the term to imagine and to create.

performance deep in nature


After the performances, everyone gathered to share a picnic together – refreshments are of course an important part of Tea Break Theatre sessions.

I appreciate the way that [my Bubble facilitators] always remember how I take my tea!


sessions led to this final sharing event.


freelancers were employed on the project including six facilitators, a designer, and an illustrator.


tea break theatre members participated in the event as both performers and actors.

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