The birds have flown the nest (for now at least)

Congratulations Blackbirds!

Thanks so much for your hard work over the last couple of weeks and I hope the experience has been an enjoyable and memorable one for you. Certainly hope its the latter as we’ll be doing it all again soon…We have received a great deal of positive feedback on the production and it seems to have been a great success. Well done!

Hope to see as many of you as possible on the 15th, until then – keep on cruising down those rivers, hanging out underneath those arches and trying not to give too many bags of beans, when you could be planting them instead. Cryptic.

Very best,

All at Bubble

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  1. Muhammad

    It was exhilarating to do the last 2 shows yesterday, at the Pumphouse. I feel I know the play so well – & yet there must b many things I still need to clear up – so that Canada Water should b a positive breeze of sorts. There is an alien feel to doing the same play SO many times – I mean, it’s a BUZZ, really. I quite feel that I know so many different aspects of the London Blitz world. On stage, as I busily reflect on the words I should say next, I soak up a lot of the atmosphere my peers create. Explosions deafen me, bombs falling at a distance trouble me, the sound of my child crying worries me, my lodger companions me, teddy bears cheer me, shelters weary me, the blitz depresses me, &, in the end, makes me kick the bucket . . . What a journey! . . . A big THANK YOU to Peth & the Bubble, & my peers, for making it all happen. I’m getting ready for Canada Water . . . this time it’s WAR!

  2. Muhammad

    I’ve had fun these last 4 days, at the Pumphouse. It’s great to b doing something you’re really familiar with – so that you’re living the story really well – & being caught up in a Blitz universe. I guess I feel what Ham Livermore feels – I’m in his head, & I’m treading his paths, thinking his thoughts, getting caught up in his feelings. . . . The 2 shows so far have given me much food for thought. Have added the element of FEAR when I’m in the shelter; of course, the final time, there’s more of a calmer feel. Talking like a fictional character is a thrill – but THINKING & talking like that character is even better! . . . Loving all the input of my fellow actors. It’s refreshing to work with them, listening to what they say, sensing their feelings & purport . . . Peth’s notes r gems & the Bubble staff r working so hard . . . It was nice to bump into a Bubble board member. . . . May tomorrow’s 2 shows b the bee’s knees!

  3. Muhammad

    It felt great yesterday, at the Albany. It was an adventure for me – both the matinee & the 8 o clock show. I had a poet friend in the day audience – and she was all praise afterwards. . . . I found new things to explore in both shows. The audiences were very good – & I especially liked their joyous laughter during funny bits. They seemed to be quite moved by the solemn moments. The Friday show was an eye-opener too. It was time to try a new stage, & revive the Blitz story all over again. Throughout the run, I felt a kinship with my peers, directors, and tech/musician/costumers, others. I feel quite uplifted by all the labour & creative/artistic spirit. Literally sweated on stage, lived a Blitz story, learned some history & felt like an adventurer. . . . Thanks to Peth & Bubble. Our Deptford run is done . . . But there’s more. . . . Bring on Pumphouse!

  4. Muhammad

    It was quite productive going thru the second half of the play, last Sunday. I felt alive doing my parts, after a spell of inactivity. My Christmas monologue is always an eye-opener for me . . . now I feel I might say that a little differently, if possible. A new/revised thought has to b behind my change of tone/style, in that piece. I’m reflecting back, telling the audience how the Blitz Christmas was. ‘Course I’m not as sober as when I’m telling them about Anderson shelters! . . . It was quite heartening to see the actors getting into their roles & spreading happiness. What joy during Teddy Bears, despite the curse of the horrid Blitz world . . . Looking forward to tomorrow, at the Albany when a run thru is in order. Deptford audience – here we come!

  5. Muhammad

    04/10/11: It was good to return to the BLACKBIRDS universe last Sunday. My memory of the script had become a tad rusty & stained, as the last 5 months managed to throw dust and smoke at me, making me forget things – things I knew so well in early May – things that shone then like a diamond! I knew the order of the scenes & knew the cues really well – & now . . . I just have to start from scratch! . . . It was good to do the scenes again – & I’m really uplifted by the last scene we did – where I shouted hopping mad at my restive children! May they live long, & live to tell the tale! . . . It was good to do & see the acting, &, importantly, to capture the mood, the atmosphere of BLACKBIRDS. By placing our feet on the ground, by singing 2 heartfelt songs, by getting back our families, by listening to & seeing the Blitz world, all over again . . .

  6. Iris Dove

    I want to thank everyone- it was a really good ensemble piece. It was the longest run I have ever done and I still felt the usual post show let down. The different venues of our autumn tour will be challenging- something to look forward to. I like devising and a project based on health or work could be very fruitful. I also like to do something text based and echo Ian’s suggestion of something classical- but also involves a physical approach. In Blackbirds ithought the ‘blown up’ scene looked really good as do the stills on this blog.

  7. Joanne Skeels

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed watching Blackbirds on Thursday. It was so moving and emotional, talking about the residents of that one street and how they were affected by the Blitz. Wars do truly affect everyone, even if they’re miles apart.

    I also wanted to say well done on the excellent interpreter provided. Jacqui Beckford was excellent, her signing was so emotional and clear, and it felt like she was part of the production. in previous productions that I’ve seen the interpreter is often removed and isolated from the actors and production and it made it less enjoyable. By providing an interpreter that is clearly trained in theatre interpretation made the production that more enjoyable

    I look forward to seeing more of London Bubble’s Productions and performance, especially if you’re that welcoming to disabled audiences!

  8. Jocelyn Quennell

    I really loved the show and I have so much respect and admiration for the work of the Bubble. They are without doubt my favourite Theatre Company.

  9. Louisa Pestell – Artistic Director, Arts Odyssey

    I really enjoyed Blackbirds. I was so impressed by the work that has gone into it and the size of the cast. It was beautifully costumed, lit and staged. Congratulations!

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